NOTEO found a friend in the eyes of Picnic and Fishing Nikolaevka

NOTEO opened a new place for rest on the shore of Picnic and fishing Nikolaevka – an eco complex located on the territory of the village of the same name, located in the municipality of Suvorovo, Varna region.

There, in the coolness of the water and under the shade of the trees, every visitor can cook for himself. There are facilities for barbecue, fishing, and to add to the magic of the place, NOTEO joins. It harmonizes the space and supports the nature-friendly way of life.

Why NOTEO choose Picnic and fishing Nikolaevka.

NOTEO fell in love with the paradise corner called Nikolaevka Picnic and Fishing at first sight! Nestled by the banks of the Nikolaevka Dam, the complex will inspire your thirst for adventure in nature. This place is perfect for creating unforgettable memories with those closest to you – fishing, picnicking, hiking in the surrounding areas, relaxing on a hammock by the dam, yoga, pilates and meditation – the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless!

Picnic and fishing Nikolaevka welcomes its guests in premium bungalows, independent caravans and campers, and for the most extreme lovers of nature and the night sky there is a free area for camping and tents. All guests have access to a fully equipped shared kitchen with stove, microwave, coffee machine, washer, dryer and kitchenware. For large companies, team building and events, the complex also has a large furnace for chevreme and a stone hall with a capacity of over 50 seats with a TV and music system.

The most magical moments of this place occur with the setting sun and the gentle flickering of coals in the stone barbecues on the banks of the dam. It is in these moments that NOTEO joins the table and completes the magic with its dense and rich taste of freshly roasted sunflower seeds.

What unites us?

The unifying link between NOTEO and Picnic and Fishing Nikolaevka is the love for Bulgaria, Bulgarian places, producers and products.

Bulgaria and Bulgarian nature are a source of inspiration for us. Where the waters of the dams smile at us, the wheat sways, caressed by the wind, and the sunflowers smile with proudly raised heads. Even in the wildest areas, touching nature is touching purity and unadulterated nature. We believe that living in harmony with nature is not only a privilege, but also a duty to ourselves and to future generations. A healthy lifestyle, in solitude with nature, allows us to enjoy the truly important moments of life better and for a longer time.

Food is sacred. Through it we touch nature. From it we absorb the strength of our end and root, the taste of health and the energy for each next step forward. Thanks to the riches of the Bulgarian nature, NOTEO provides small and large 100% natural, clean products that not only bring pleasure to the palate, but also have a number of positive effects on the human body.

Let us cherish this sunflower gift and be proud to be a part of this amazing tale. Let us together preserve cleanliness, harmony with nature and love for Bulgaria.

We thank Piknik and Rybolov Nikolaevka for the support and cooperation!

We are glad that our adventure together has started and we thank everyone who supports and appreciates Bulgarian places, products and producers!